MEDUWA Declaration 2020 on Emissions of Medicines for Human and Veterinary Use

In order to promote the approach to addressing medicines and multi-resistant bacteria in the environmental cycle, the MEDUWA Declaration below was made. Since February 2020, project partners and stakeholders have signed this declaration on behalf of their organisation or in a personal capacity.

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The undersigned declare that:

  1. This issue should be subject to a combined health policy by both the human and veterinary health sectors, the One Health approach;
  2. It is important that the water, human, veterinary and animal agriculture/aquaculture sectors cooperate in order to solve the issue to the extent possible at its source;
  3. During the education and training of those who prescribe or will prescribe medicines more emphasis should be placed on the topic of the medicinal environmental cycle;
  4. Policies and legislation should place more emphasis on the production and use of environmentally friendly medicines;
  5. The contamination of surface, ground and drinking water, soil, food and air with these chemical and biological contaminants should be considered a public health issue, and, in accordance with the precautionary principle, should be avoided;
  6. in accordance with the EU Polluter Pays Principle, in all EU Member States environmental quality objectives should be integrated into policies concerning agriculture, human and veterinary health in order to contain societal costs;
  7. Also regional and local authorities need to integrate policies on environment, agriculture and human/veterinary health and facilitate pilot projects to this end;
  8. All relevant EU research and development funding programmes should give more priority to the development and upscaling of innovative source-based solutions to these issues.
    Statements are for MEDUWA Project Partners and Stakeholders only:

  10. We will strive to continue our cross-border collaboration, and to further develop and promote MEDUWA innovations beyond the end of the project;
  11. We will keep this issue high on our respective agendas and encourage other organisations to do the same within their local, regional, national and international networks and ask them to work together to find concrete solutions.

The aim of the declaration is to stimulate cross-border cooperation between policy makers and policy advisors, researchers and private companies to take action against biological and chemical pollution from pharmaceuticals and multi-resistant bacteria in the environment, which pose an invisible threat to the environment, public health and the economy.

List of signatory parties:
Ina Ebert, Umweltbundesamt
Erik Lievers, Waterschap Vechtstromen
Svenja Starke, Microganic
Janco van Gelderen
Thomas Kock, Weil Wasseraufbereitung
Björn Werdeling, Weil Wasseraufbereitung
K.H. Odink, Waterschap Drents Overijsselse Delta
E.J.I.M.Leenen, H2Oké
Julian Fischer, a tip: tap e.V.
Richard Schlicker, Geoplex GIS GmbH
Frederik Hilling, Geoplex GIS GmbH
Rien de Ridder, Waterschap Zuiderzeeland
Lieneke Stam
Volker Lämmchen, University Osnabrück
Herman Feil, Alloksys Life Sciences
Josephine Deperink, Novaris
Paul Leenders, VitalFluid
Joris de Grooth
Maria Groot
Dick Bijl, International Society of Drug Bulletins (ISDB)
Cornelis Peters, Europa Ayurveda Centrum
Martijn van Heijningen
Franziska Czernik
Thorsten Kuczius
Paul Scheepers
Martien Graumans
Caroline van Bers, The Integrated Assessment Society
Margarita Amador, Stichting Huize Aarde
Raissa Ulbrich, University Osnabrück
Will Clark, Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Europe
Walter Oppel, BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) Kreisgruppe Grafschaft Bentheim

A detailed version of the MEDUWA Declaration 2020 on the Emission of Human and Veterinary Medicines in English, as well as an overview of the signatories can be found here:  MEDUWA Declaration