Stakeholder and Partner Meeting 2020
Feb 12 um 10:00 am – Feb 13 um 5:00 pm

MEDUWA-Vecht(e) Stakeholder & Partner meeting of the INTERREG-VA MEDUWA-Vecht(e)-Project on 12 and 13 February 2020 in Zwolle, the Netherlands. In addition to inspiring sessions about reducing medicines and multi-resistant bacteria in water, we would like to discuss related themes during these two days, such as climate change and water quality, climate change and the risk of infection associated with recreation in uncontrolled surface water and the strong increase in multi-resistant fungi. Furthermore, we would like to look back with you during this meeting on what has been achieved in and what has been learned from MEDUWA and its innovations and how they can influence EU policy. Therefore, we have developed workshop formats to stimulate exchange on the innovations for different interest groups from the animal health sector, human health sector and policy advisors. With all these activities, we hope to generate ideas for follow-up initiatives in the post-MEDUWA period. In order to sustain our collaboration, every project partner and stakeholder will be invited to sign the MEDUWA JointDeclaration on the Emission of Human and Veterinary Medicines, which will be shared with participants in advance of the meeting. We are looking forward to meeting you at this event.