Workshop: Governing the invisible – Policy approaches to micropollutants in water

Workshop and Call for Papers:

Governing the invisible – Policy approaches to micropollutants in water

From 13-14.11.2019 a workshop on the governance of micropollutants in water bodies will take place at the International Academic Forum in Heidelberg. The workshop is interdisciplinary and is aimed at all stakeholders who are interested in exchanging views on governance and micropollution of water bodies. There are following key questions among others:

  • How can the different levels of political and public attention on micropollution be explained?
  • Who are the main actors responsible for governance?
  • What positions do they take and what strategies do they pursue to assert their interests?
  • What role does the Nexus approach play in finding more sustainable solutions?

The results of the workshop are then recorded in a panel at a conference or a special topic in a journal.

Applicants write a short abstract (half page) outlining research questions and topics regarding micropollutants and water governance. Questions they are interested in. Comments or results of own research on these topics may also be included.

Further information can be found on the homepage or in the flyer.

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