DBU Forum “Gentle Medicine for Healthy Animals” on 16 October 2018, Osnabrück

DBU Forum “Gentle Medicine for Healthy Animals” on 16 October 2018, Osnabrück

Pharmaceutical residues in the environment are a global problem. They can pose a risk to human health and have been shown to harm the environment. Residues of veterinary medicines are mainly found in manure and slurry of the treated animals, but can also be discharged from the stables via the stable air with dust and bioaerosols. With the farm fertilizers they reach the fields, accumulate in the soil and can be transferred from there also into surface, ground or drinking water. Antimicrobially active substances are of particular importance here. The development of antibiotic resistance makes it imperative to take measures to reduce the release of pharmaceuticals into the environment. The quantities of antibiotics released have been declining for some years.

What experience have veterinarians and farmers had with the restrictions and increased documentation requirements? Does the currently widely practised administration of medicines via feeding stuff and drinking water guarantee safe medication? How do sustainable strategies look like and which alternative treatment methods are currently being researched? What are the market opportunities and risks arising from the research carried out abroad to reduce the use of antibiotics through to antibiotic-free meat production? Is it possible to resolve the conflict between animal welfare and the absence of antibiotics? What opportunities and risks arise from the demand to refrain from using individual classes of active substances (reserve antibiotics) in veterinary medicine?

These and other questions will be examined and discussed in this DBU Forum with high-ranking representatives from science, politics, veterinary medicine and the agricultural sector. Binding registration by 8 October 2018 online or by e-mail to Oliver Löffers, DBU Centre for Environmental Communication, o.loeffers@dbu.de possible. Participation is free of charge.

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